Friday, December 10, 2010

Arma Dei Review: Cathletics Playing Cards

If your children are anything like mine, they probably like playing card games.  Whether it's trivia cards, Uno or Go Fish, the kids are always happy to sit and play a card game.  I'm a fan of card games because they neatly pack away into a compact box that doesn't take up much space.

Recently, we've had the pleasure of playing with Arma Dei's Cathletics Playing Cards.  Just as with any ordinary deck of cards, there are four suits.  Each of the four suits is a symbol that represents the Blessed Trinity.  The suits are a shamrock, the cross, a dove and a heart. What makes Cathletics Playing Cards different is every card is different and each one contains key facts about our Catholic faith.  For example the 7s deal with aspects of our faith for which there are seven, such as the Sacraments, works of mercy (both spiritual and corporal), virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The cool thing about these cards is your child can play an ordinary game like Go Fish and learn about his or her faith at the same time.  As a mom and religious education instructor, I love that these playing cards offer good solid catechesis.

My nine year old thinks these cards are cool.  She particularly likes to quiz me on the faith facts found on these cards while we play.  Apparently the fun thing to do these days is see just how knowledgeable Mom is about Catholicism.  I, of course, like to use these cards to see how much she's retaining about our faith.

I think these cards are great for kids in the 2nd to 8th grade age range.  Moms and Dads may even learn a little something from playing with these cards!  I don't recommend these cards for very little ones who can't yet read or or just learning to read simply because I think they're too advanced for them.

For more information on Cathletics Playing Cards, visit Arma Dei.  I was provided with a review copy of these cards in exchange for my honest review.

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