Friday, July 23, 2010

Who are these kids and why are they so weird?

From time to time my kids utter some things that force me to say "What?!"  After that, I usually have to ask my husband why they're so odd.

Two weeks ago as Bryan was saying good night to Ellie she decided to act a little goofy.  Instead of saying "Good night, Daddy." she decided to say "Good night, Uncle Daddy!"  Uncle Daddy, huh?  I immediately asked Bryan when we became the incestuous couple.  Uncle Daddy sounds like the most twisted title on the family tree.

Wednesday Madeline decided to provide me with more blogworthy material.  While talking to a friend on the phone, and trying to sound overly cool, she approaches me and asks when she's available to play with her friend because [are you ready for this?] her "planner is all unorganized right now."  Are you kidding me?  Gosh Madeline, I'm not sure if we can pencil in time with your friend between being delusional and sleeping, it's looking pretty tight.  Sometimes I wonder if this kid is for real.   I had to explain to her after the phone call with her friend that saying crazy things like that doesn't make her look cool.

Last night Madeline decided to grace us with another statement that needed to be preserved on the blog.  She had scraped her arm getting out of the pool [the wrong way] yesterday and "required" a band-aid.  I told her it wasn't necessary and wasn't going to do anything but she insisted.  About 7 hours after the panacea band-aid application she walked into the family room and announced to us that this band-aid wasn't working and she could still feel pain.  How many years has this child operated under the delusion that band-aids were pain killers?  Bryan was more than happy to let her know that band-aids serve no purpose other than to cover cuts and absorb miniscule amounts of blood.  The explanation of their function was met with an "Oh." from Madeline.  Now that she knows the truth about band-aids, I wonder if we should tell her about Santa and the Easter Bunny.


  1. LOL! She's a cutie! That's some funny stuff! I especially loved the band-aid bit!

  2. This sounds like an episode in a sit-com. Very charming.


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