Monday, March 1, 2010

If I were a water ice.....

Bryan's company is really into "Team Building" activities.  The corporate environment that he works in is very different from the corporate environment that I worked in before I took up my current gig as a stay at home mom.  His company really tries to make sure their employees have some fun.  Some of the time they succeed and other times, their little projects just seem ridiculous.

Today was one of the ridiculous project days.  Bryan sent me an IM informing me that he needed to come up with a water ice name for himself.  Really?  After a month of having snow on my lawn every day, the last thing I even want to think about is water ice.  I'm not a fan of water ice.  To me, it's glorified snow.  Generally, water ice isn't sugary enough for me, and the taste isn't bold enough for my liking.  I don't like watered down flavors, and that's precisely what you get when you have water ice.

I decided to help him out and offer up some suggestions.  Obviously, if he's telling me about this water ice project he must be fishing for ideas, right?  So I rose to the occasion and spit out a few ideas in rapid succession:
Cyborgic Ice
Bry-dog days of Summer
Fruity Fattingham
Our last name-berry delight
Essence of Bryan

All of those got shot down.  Personally, I thought Cyborgic Ice was pretty good.  Then I jokingly offered up Bitter Husband, which got ignored.  Hey, Ben and Jerry's has Chubby Hubby so why not Bitter Husband? It could be a sour lemon water ice.

So then he explains that the name will be visible to everyone in the office, not just his team.  Fine.  I'll play nice.  To understand the following names, you need to know that Bryan has no sense of smell.  He never has and likely never will.  There is a movie called Walk Hard where the main character loses his sense of smell and they make a big deal about it.  They announce that he's suddenly "Smell Blind" which is a term that is related to anosmia.

So going along the smell blind path, I came up with this lovely water ice name:
This is really just [frozen] water, but I have no sense of smell/taste so I think it's flavored water ice.

Bryan liked it, but thought it was a little long.

Odorless Fish flavored water ice and Shrimp Surprise both got shot down. Then Bryan came up with his own:"Smellblind-ice."  I countered that one with "I can't believe it's not flavored."  Bryan liked it, so his official water ice name is I can't believe it's not flavored.

Where can I get a job where they will actually pay me to come up with stupid team project ideas?


  1. LOL...and I don't even know what "water ice" is. Is it like a snow cone? (I may not have commented before...I found your blog on a Catholic blogs list awhile ago and have been entertained ever since. Thank you for that!)

  2. Daisy-I'm happy to hear that you find my blog entertaining. I think my life is proof that God has quite the sense of humor.

    Water ice is sort of like a snow cone, only the flavor/color is already mixed into the ice which is much finer than snow cone ice. Think of it as a crappy sorbet with half the flavor and sugar. (Can you tell I don't like water ice?)