Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's order up some weather

It has been unseasonably chilly and rainy here the past week and a half.  This is becoming a problem that is making Summer break unfulfilling.  If it's possible to order up some nicer weather, please, someone let me know. 

Ideally, I'd like to have a four or five day stretch with no rain.  That would be a nice start.  It did warm up yesterday, but it's humid.  I grew up on a barrier island in  Southern New Jersey.  I know all about humid Summers.  Since we live on the mainland, I expect not to have beach humidity.  So to recap, we need a nice stretch of no rain, warm temperatures and minimal humidity.  I don't want to walk outside and feel like I need to part the air so I can move.

Because the sun hasn't been showing itself to us lately, my pool water is chilly.  At 74 degrees with my lovely little solar rings in place the water is still too cold to go swimming.  I have two little girls who are desperate to go swimming.  I've been spending my days fielding questions about water temperatures from Madeline and Ellie.  Bryan has also gotten in on the act.  He IM's me several times a day asking me if the water will be warm enough for him to swim after work.  Even Oscar wants to get in the water.  

Yesterday we visited our neighbor (the one I helped with the curtains) and went swimming in her heated pool.  I think it's sad when you have your own pool and you have to walk to the neighbor's house to use theirs.  I must say that swimming in 83 degree water when it wasn't even 80 degrees out, was very nice.

The sun is currently shining.  Here's hoping that it will stay out and be a very hot day.  June is nearly over and I want to go swimming.  It's been nice not having to water my gardens in the midst of all this rain, but I can deal with watering them if sunshine can be provided in exchange.  I think the plants will grow better if they can have sunlight, warm weather and water. 


  1. by the time the pool warms up, summer will be over (let's hope not). and here we sit on the West Coast in California with a drought; it would be nice if some rain could filter our way


  2. Betty, I'd be more than happy to send you a few days worth of East Coast rain. I want sunshine and lots of it.


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