Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Successes: February 7th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. I packed away some of the baby toys that Katie doesn't play with in an attempt to reduce clutter and focus her on playing with the toys she has that are more age/developmentally appropriate.  I hope these toys won't have to stay packed away for too long.

2. I did some grocery shopping at the beginning of the week to help restock the freezer.  I have several of our dinners for the next few weeks planned out as a result of this. 

3. While doing some cleaning/organizing in the basement earlier this week I found the tot-loc latches that I was searching for a few months ago.  Maybe we'll put these latches on a few more cabinets that I'd like to see be a bit more secure.  Katie can open some of the safety latches if she's determined and patient enough.

4. I still have to blog about this, but Ellie made her first penance last Saturday and she did great.  I'm so happy for her.

5. Bryan hung up all of the various things that needed to be hung this past Sunday.  We hadn't gotten around to hanging up the things that used to be on her walls before I painted the week after Christmas.  So that's all done and the things that needed to be hung in other rooms got taken care of, too.

6. Both of the girls came home with good report cards this week.  Madeline only got grades for a handful of classes because of the mid-term transfer, but it looks like the transfer went smoothly based on her grades.

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  1. The toy sorting (and removal) is a chore I loathe! Great week!

  2. I envious of your #2...I really need to get back into planning our meals ahead of time.

    Congrats on Ellie's first penance!

  3. Sounds like an awesomely productive week! Wow!


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